Man Eating Shark is the culmination of many years of research, experimentation and work. The sculpture attempts to turn the table on humans unfounded fear of the much-maligned shark and sensationalist coverage by the media and popular culture. Asking the question…Are we the real Man Eating Shark?

The simple facts are that 12 humans are mistakenly killed by sharks, while more than 100 million sharks are cruelly and wastefully killed each year.

The large three-dimensional figure draws the viewer in and delivers a subtle and powerful message. The barefoot figure is intentionally over-sized, sitting atop a simple white plastic chair. The scene could be any beachside café, anywhere in the world. 

 He bites into the shark like a frenzied eating machine ignoring the plight of our oceans, interested only in what’s between his teeth.

On one level it is a caricature of the quintessential Australian beach goer; humorous and endearing. Under the surface is an alternative narrative. 

Le Charger
End of the roll
Save The Tarkine Campaign
La Charger
Scuba Sue
Mixed media
1400 x 750 x 500mm
Sushi Joe
mixed media
700x 450x 600mm
Placebo Soup
Mixed Media. 2m x 600mm x 2.5m
Donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Brisbane museum 2009. Steve Irwin family purchase and permanently display in Australia Zoo, QLD .
Mixed media/found/recycled materials
240v Red L.E.D lights
1600x 600x 1700mm
Habit-hat detail